Do you have questions about dog Frisbee? Are you looking for the nearest training opportunity? Are you interested in our events? You are looking for a show for your next event? Where do you buy dog frisbees and which is the right frisbee?

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Hundefrisbee can be bought at our online dog Frisbee Store:

Swiss DiscDog

Kreuzstrasse 13
CH-9315 Winden

Our account details:
Postal account 85-598987-8, IBAN CH84 0900 0000 8559 8987 8, BIC POFICHBEXXX

Board of DiscDog-Events:

  • Sandra Bühler (President)
  • Petra Lehmann (Vice President)
  • Jacqueline Brög (Actuary)
  • Sandro Eigenmann (Cashier)
  • Irene Woschitz (Advisory member)
  • Anita Signer (Advisory member)
  • Raphael Nessi (Advisory member)
  • Daniel Sander (Advisory member)