DiscDog-Events has set itself the goal in 2011 to bring DiscDogging to Switzerland and make it well known in Switzerland. We want you to experience the sport. Dog Frisbee is lifestyle. Try it.

Below you will find our dog frisbee events. Explanations of the individual categories can be found below. We organize seminars with various instructors, give test training, host Frisbee meeting, provide demonstrations at fairs and organize three tournaments a year. Click here for our Dogfrisbee-Showteam.

Every FridayFrisbee-Treff Frisbee Club – TrainingSummer: Gertau, Bischofszell TG
Winter: Lighthill Ranch, Hosenruck TG
20./21. FebruaryWorkshop with Adrian Stoica
SeminarSommeri, Thurgau

Tournament: Watch dog frisbee live

At a tournament, you have the opportunity to experience DiscDogging live. You’ll meet starters from all over Europe and get in touch with them. Young or old, there is something for everyone at a DiscDog-Event. Action all day for the whole family. Various information and stalls as well, as catering on site, complete the offer. Entry is free.

DiscDog-Events organizes three tournaments a year. In spring, the Sandreas Cup. In summer we organize the Summer Jam. And in autumn the season finale tournament Swiss United.

Spectators are welcome – we look forward to seeing you.

Frisbee Club: DogFrisbee training

We meet every Friday from 18 clock in summer in the Gertau in Bischofszell, in winter in the riding arena Lighthill Ranch, Hosenruck. In summer we are on the beautiful meadow next to the river. In winter we use the riding hall. After the training we sit comfortably together, enjoy a cool drink and delicious food.

Participation in the Frisbee Club is free. There is a small fee to be paid. Whether newcomers, beginners or experienced players. You are welcome in the Frisbee Club Gertau. Please register in advance via info@discdog-events.ch.

Demonstration: Get information about dog Frisbee

DiscDog-Events likes to present the sport at fairs and other events. We do demonstrations and set up our information and sales booth. You get to see, listen and touch dog Frisbee.

With our show floor, we can also make demonstrations indoor. The floor absorbs the landings and prevents slipping.

Presentation gladly also at your event. Further information and inquiry about our Dogfrisbee-Showteam.

Test Training: Get to know Dogfrisbee

You think dog Frisbee is cool? You wonder if your dog thinks that’s great? You want to offer the people in your dog school an exciting afternoon?

We come over and bring our frisbee. At the Test Training you have the opportunity to try different frisbee. We’ll show you how to throw the frisbee and make the first steps with your dog.

Quickly you realize if dog frisbee is something for you and your dog. But beware, there is a danger of addiction!

You want to organize a Test Training? Contact us info@discdog-events.ch.

Seminar: deepen dog Frisbee

Seminars are a great way to learn new elements and deepen existing tricks. You work intensively over a longer period at your sticking points. The exchange with the other seminar participants opens up new insights.

DiscDog-Events organizes seminars with different seminar leaders. Very popular is the indoor seminar which takes place in winter in a heated dog sports hall.

The number of participants is limited and the places are quickly gone.