At the Swiss United we play the freestyle after AWI rules (no qualifier).

The dogs must be min. 12 months old for Minidistance Only and min. 18 months for Freestyle. Only 30 Overall-Starts.

Registration deadline is 20. September 2019. After the deadline and on site no registrations will be accepted. Go to the registration!

Philosophy of Swiss United:

  • We give young judges the opportunity to gain experience
  • We adapt the rules to add variety to the game
  • We offer our starters a tournament without any pressure on points

Thanks to the judges more infos:

  • Giulia Roduner
  • Eva Steiner
  • Christian Hiener
  • Raoul Horstmann

This event is a 1-day tournament. On the spot no overnight stay is possible. Meals are available throughout the day at the Restaurant. The Camping Buchhorn right next to the field offers you cold and warm drinks. Camping with dog is possible on the campsite Seehorn in Egnach – only 7 min. from the Event-Location.

Please note the local dog law (Canton Thurgau).


  • Open and Beginners Overall – CHF 18.00 (1 – 2 rounds of Freestyle AWI Rules – 1 round mini-distance: see description below, max. 30 starts)
  • Minidistance Only (only one round) – CHF 6.00 (Rules: see description below)
  • Pairs (only one round) – CHF 10.00 (Rules: see description below)

We would like to let all teams play a second round. But if the time this does not allow, only the top 10 will play a 2nd round. This will be announced on the players meeting.


1 round freestyle, 2 players, 1 dog, 90 seconds, 18 disc

At Pairs 2 people play with one dog. The team shows their skills for 90 seconds. You can play with 18 frisbee. All 3 judges give a scoore (overall impression) and the middle rating is used. Overall impression = interaction between the players and the dog, creativity, selected music, involving the audience and the visual (group of 3 should form a unit / motto). The Catch is counted and helps the judges in their scoring.

Minidistance (für Overall und Only)

1 dog, 1 player, 4 disc, 1 minute time

The player and the dog are standing in a circle. At the start signal, the player throws the disc over the first line (17 m). If the dog catches the line (all 4 paws must be above the line) the team will be credited 0.5 points. The player throws the next disc over the second line (17 m). If the dog also catches this behind the line, another 0.5 points will be credited. Now he throws again on line 1 and then again on line 2. At each catch, 0.5 points are credited (max. 2 points).

The lines must be processed alternately (left/right). Also, if the dog did not catch. The goal is to get 4 Catches above the line. The last Frisbee must bring the dog back to the player. The player may not leave the circle when throwing. Otherwise he move freely on the field. The time is stopped when the player is completely in the circle and has the disc of the last catch on his head.

The team has a maximum of 60 seconds. The remaining time is converted into points. If the team does not make it within the time, he will be credited with the catches he has won (max 4).