We all know, without judges there is no tournament. The bigger the pool of judges become, the more varied the tournaments become. The persons responsible for the rules check the judges of each tournament. Therefore, it is important that you are not only interested in playing but also in judging. However, the interest alone is not enough. Experience must come.

This is exactly what we want to offer at Swiss United. Since the tournament is not a qualifier, we can define the rules ourselves and freely choose the judges. The tournament is directed to the AWI rules.

For the Swiss United on 29 September in Arbon we are still looking for 2 judges!

  • You are interested in judging?
  • You already dealt with judging?
  • You want to gain experience in judging?
  • Do you enjoy judging and want to support the sport?
  • You have time on the 29th of September?

Then we want you!

Write us an email to info@discdog-events.ch and tell us which category you would like to judge. Of course, you can also specify several categories.

  • human
  • dog
  • team
  • catch

Thank you for your effort.